Could this be the loudest wireless doorbell in the world?

Could this be the loudest wireless doorbell in the world?

22nd July 2021 | by Safeena | posted in News

Could this be the loudest wireless doorbell in the world?

Are you the last person to hear the doorbell? Do you miss deliveries or visitors because you can't hear the doorbell? Would you prefer to see as well as hear the doorbell ringing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the extra loud, wireless Chimeflash doorbell is the perfect alerting device for you.

What is the Chimeflash Doorbell?

The Chimeflash is a really loud, wireless doorbell specially designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and for those with visual impairments. However, the loud ringing doorbell will also suit anyone who needs a good loud doorbell with excellent range and reliability.

You can choose how you would like to be alerted from the three alerting options available: either by sound only, flash only, or sound and flash together for the ultimate doorbell experience. The flash is a very bright LED light – it’s hard to miss! It’s designed like this, so you get optimum feature benefits to minimise the number of visitors or deliveries you miss. When combined with the extra loud doorbell chimes, you can guarantee your visitor won’t be waiting at the front door for very long.

The Chimeflash is also a game-changer for seniors too because the extra loud doorbell offers a clear and simple setup. (Don’t forget the free support you’ll receive from Sarabec’s technical team if you need it!)

Is the Chimeflash doorbell the best loud doorbell out there?

With six extra loud doorbell and telephone chime sounds of up to 100dB and up to 300m range in open space, Yes - we really do believe the Chimeflash doorbell could be the best loudest doorbell out there!

Controlling the volume on the really loud doorbell

What’s better is that the extra loud doorbell comes with volume control and indicator symbols. So, you get to decide how loud you’d like the chimes to be. The indicator symbols are a helpful addition to the Chimeflash as it means (if you choose to connect the telephone transmitter) that you will know what is ringing, whether it’s the phone or the door.

With this, we should tell you that we also offer additional products for the Chimeflash, including a telephone transmitter which will allow you to be alerted when the phone is ringing with extra loud sounds, ultra-bright flashing LEDs, and coloured indicators on your Chimeflash receiver.

Is the Chimeflash doorbell wireless?

Did you know that the extra loud Chimeflash doorbell is a fully wireless doorbell that offers excellent portability? This is an excellent feature for anyone with a hearing impairment.  All you need do is place the loud doorbell wherever you want and let the flashing lights assist you when someone is at the door - whether it’s a visitor or a parcel!

The wireless doorbell is a fantastic addition for anyone who struggles to hear sounds but likes to stay on the move around the house. Whether you have a hearing or visual impairment, this loud, wireless doorbell has your back.

Features Include:

- Ultra Bright Flashing LED Lights

- Extremely Loud Sound

- Volume Control

- Indicator Symbols

Only £41.99 ex VAT

Learn more about the loud Chimeflash doorbell for hard of hearing.

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