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Personal Listeners to amplify and bring the sounds you want to hear closer to your ears.

If you have difficulty catching everything that is said in conversation you may benefit from using one of our Personal Listeners.

Sarabec® audio products provide clear, sharp sound reproduction leading to relaxed, stress-free listening. There are many uses for these versatile products, including connecting directly to various types of audio/visual equipment.

You can use a personal listener in the day for conversation with friends or at work where you may find listening in a group or noisy situation to be stressful. Later in the day use it to relax and listen to TV, Radio, Music device or your computer.

You choose the way you want to listen, for instance with headphones, headset or earphones or by using your hearing aid on the “T” setting or loop program with a neck loop or ear hook. Your hearing aid may have the loop (“T”) program. With this facility you can enhance your listening by making more of your hearing aid.

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