Sarabec aim to make life a little easier for those with hearing difficulties

Feature Product

Sarabec Crescendo 60

If you have difficulty catching everything that is said in conversation or from TV and Radio then the Crescendo 60 may be of help to you.

You can use a personal listener in the day for conversation with friends or at work where you may find listening in a group or noisy situation to be stressful. You can then later in the day use it to relax and listen to TV, Radio, Music device or your computer.

You choose the way you want to listen, for instance with headphones, headset or earphones or by using your hearing aid on the “T” setting or loop program with a neck loop or ear hook. Your hearing aid may have the “T” (loop) facility. With this you can enhance your listening by making more of your hearing aid.

Sounds will be transmitted directly to your hearing aid significantly reducing background noise.


Signolux Home Alerting

This system offers fantastic value for money. You can start with a simple door alert and expand it to encompass any sound alert around the house including up to 8 smoke alarms if you need to.