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This customer had a glowing review for her new iLuv SmartShaker 2 - "A smart little device indeed!"

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Have you ever considered the possibility of a vibrating alarm clock?

They are extremely helpful for people with hearing loss.

They also prove to be tremendously useful for people who wake up at different times to their partner and don't want to disturb their sleep.

This was exactly the case for a recent customer. Check out her review below:

I sleep with heavy duty ear plugs due to my husband's snoring. As a result, I am always worried that I won't hear the alarm and wake frequently. After a particularly bad spell, I researched vibrating alarms and came across this little device; it works a treat.

All you need is a smartphone onto which one downloads an app. The app is straight forward and easy to use even for people who are not very technically minded. For the first couple of nights I also set my regular alarm as a back up just in case but it wasn't needed.

I particularly like that once the device has been synchronised with the app (i.e. the alarm is set), I can switch my phone (and bluetooth) off.

I was worried that I would be able to feel a lump under the pillow but the device is small and slim enough to go unnoticed until the alarm goes off.

The surface is slightly rubberised so it doesn't slide about too much (or fall out of bed) when you move around during the night.

There are three different intensity levels - I have mine on the lowest which is strong enough for me. There's also an option to add sound.

I've used it for three nights now and the battery still shows 100%. My only suggestion would be for iLuv to offer an optional carrying case to protect the SmartShaker when travelling.

Very happy I found this!

You can get your very own SmartShaker 2 from Sarabec today!

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