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Earis is the understated and sophisticated way to transform your experience of television, audio systems and conversations. It uses dynamic sound technology to deliver the highest sound quality available in TV listening equipment today.

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Earis works by remembering your ideal combination of sound levels - or your “Tone Profile”. You select from one of 5 Tone Profiles to personalise your listening experience from any sound source. Earis remembers your preferences so you don’t need to reset them!

The system is easy to use and connect, with a large tactile wheel to adjust volume. It includes a fast-acting automatic volume system which prevents sudden changes in sound and ensures optimum listening at your chosen level.

Your Earis device is available with either an under-chin receiver or a pocket receiver - the pocket version allows the connection of various audio accessories. Earis delivers constant high-quality sound and significantly improves understanding of speech even if background sounds are present.

Behind the elegant appearance of your Earis device lies complex research and technology. Unique to Earis is the use of “Tone Profiles” which have the potential to transform TV, films, music and conversation for the hearing-impaired.

Humantechnik, the successful German designers of the Earis system, used extensive research into the listening needs of hearing-impaired people. It was found that there were differences in the types of sounds, or tones, that people had difficulty hearing. Using the research information 5 main “Tone Profiles” were developed which provide enhancements to match the needs of 95% of users. The integrated dynamic sound HS dynamically recalculates and optimises sound according to the individual settings of the “Tone Profile” selected by the user.


  • Easy to use - out of the box ready to connect to TV and audio systems.
  • Understated and sophisticated design.
  • Choice of 5 selectable Tone Profiles to create a personalised listening experience.
  • A large tactile volume wheel with LED level display.
  • Communication mode selectable via a built-in microphone in the receiver for conversation with others in the room.
  • Headset or Pocket Receiver versions.
  • Replaceable rechargeable battery.
  • Transmitter with integrated charging cradle for the receiver and extra battery charging port.
  • Optional second battery.
  • Fast charging – full charge in under 2 hours. 80% in 30 minutes.
  • Listening time (dependent on volume chosen) – Headset system approx. 8 hours, PR system with Neckloop approx. 6 hours.
  • Power supply
  • TOSlink optical digital audio lead, audio connection lead with 3.5mm stereo plugs, adapter to RCA phono plugs
  • Receiver remembers volume & Tone profile settings
  • 2 year warranty

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