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The New Extended Timeline for the Digital Switchover

21st May 2024

What Is A TV Listener, How Does It Work, And Do You Need One?

21st May 2024

Deaf Awareness Week 2024

Deaf Awareness Week 2024

3rd May 2024

Jamie Laing & His Tinnitus Journey

9th February 2024

Telephone wires connection

Digital Voice Service and The Landline Phone Switch-Off. How Does It Affect You?

30th January 2024

BSL at Suffolk Primary School

British Sign Language Curriculum replaces French and Spanish at Suffolk Primary School

11th December 2023

Children’s series Mixmups with disabled lead characters premiered on Channel 5’s Milkshake

24th November 2023

Auracast Logo

Auracast. What is it and why should I be excited?

22nd November 2023

Vibrating Baby Monitor for Parents with Hearing Loss

22nd June 2023

What is a Room Loop System?

14th June 2023

Deaf Awareness Week 2023

2nd May 2023

Your simple guide to connecting your devices to the TV

22nd March 2023

UK Governments Emergency Alerts

22nd March 2023

Sign Language Week 2023

16th March 2023

World Hearing Day 2023

3rd March 2023

Graham’s Battle with Tinnitus and How He Managed His Symptoms

9th February 2023

Tinnitus Awareness Week

2nd February 2023

ITVX launches world-first British Sign Language channel

11th January 2023

BT Digital Voice and Assistive Equipment

23rd February 2022

Could this be the loudest wireless doorbell in the world?

22nd July 2021

Williams Pocketalker Personal Listener Available Now!

8th December 2020

Action Deafness Competition

7th December 2020

Face mask challenges for the Hard of Hearing

23rd August 2020

What is the Roger Pen?

13th May 2020

Using the Roger Pen

13th May 2020

Compare portable loop systems LA 90 Vs Geemarc LH102

11th May 2020

​Coronavirus Lockdown and the Hard of Hearing

20th April 2020

World Hearing Day, 3 March 2020

5th February 2020

Transform your listening with Earis

4th June 2019

1 Month Moneyback Guarantee

31st May 2019

Practical tips for social conversation

24th May 2019

Support for family and friends of the hard of hearing

20th May 2019

A Pillow-Vibrating Alarm?!

28th March 2018

Deaf Boxer's Fight to Turn Pro

21st March 2018

This hearing aid helps you understand what is being said

13th March 2018

Personal Listening

8th March 2018


8th March 2018


8th March 2018

Large-Area Listening

8th March 2018

TV & Audio

8th February 2018

The Best Amplified Phones for Seniors

5th February 2018

The Link Between Migraines and Hearing Loss

30th January 2018

Make Your Hearing Aid Battery Last Longe

29th January 2018

Baby's Reaction to Hearing Her Mum's Voice for the First Time

26th January 2018

Deaf Singer who earns Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer

26th January 2018

How Does a Hearing Loop Work to Assist People with Hearing Loss?

25th January 2018

How to Extend the Life of a Hearing Aid

24th January 2018

4 Perfect Gifts for People with Hearing Loss

17th January 2018

Top 5 Signs of Hearing Loss

15th January 2018

The World's LOUDEST Alarm Clock?

12th January 2018

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