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If you find it hard to hear conversation then it can often be very frustrating to talk to people. Here are some practical tips to ease your stress in difficult situations.

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Position yourself well

Position yourself well

  • Stand fairly close to the person speaking so that you can see their full face and lips easily. You will also benefit from being able to see their body and their hand gestures as these often convey meaning and will help you understand the conversation.
  • If you have one side which your hear better on then be positive about moving so that this side is best placed.
Don’t be embarrassed to ask

Don’t be embarrassed to ask

  • Tell people that you have difficulties hearing
  • Explain what they can do to help you. For example:
    • They could move to speak on your better hearing side
    • You could both move the conversation to a location where there is less background noise (for example, a quieter part of the restaurant / cafe)
Explain what not to do! For example:

Explain what not to do! For example:

  • Please don’t shout
  • Please don’t exaggerate lip movements
Products to help you

Products to help you

Finding it hard to hear can make some everyday situations difficult. Make your life easier with simple, specialised products to assist you.

  • Extra loud door bells
  • Extra loud alarms
  • Hearing loop

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