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LA240 Room Loop System UK

Our order code: 135-250

Action on Hearing Loss code: L458

£119.99 ex vat

£143.99 inc vat

No VAT Relief 1 Month Money Back Guarantee 2 Year Warranty
If you have a pacemaker or ICD fitted, you should read your user manual along with the FAQ on our website before using this product. If in doubt, consult your cardiologist. Loop

  • Description

    • The LA240 Loop System provides a practical solution for hearing aid users to more easily listen to their TV or Audio equipment via the “T” or “Loop” program of their hearing aid. 

      With no direct connection between the user and TV or Audio equipment the user can move freely within the looped area and listen comfortably to a TV or audio equipment without the distractions of normal listening. 

      The Loop System is used in conjunction with a hearing aid with a “T” or “Loop” program found on many ‘behind the ear’ or ‘in the ear’ hearing aids.

      The Loop system picks up the sound from a TV via a direct connection or microphone and feeds it to the amplifier. The sound is then passed to a loop of wire around the listening area, which in turn transmits the sound inductively, “magnetic sound waves”, to a hearing aid with the loop facility.

      The user may then adjust the loop volume or tone to suit their hearing preference without affecting others. 

      The Loop System is supplied with either Loop Cable or Loop Pad. 

      Loop cable is placed around a room that you want to listen in. The sound can be heard anywhere inside the “looped” area and sometimes just outside the loop as well. 

      A Loop Pad is an alternative to loop cable and is used to create a localised or portable system to avoid interference with other systems or where confidentiality is required. 

  • Features

      • Optical and Coaxial digital audio input
      • Separate Mains power supply allowing use by DC inputs from 12-24V, one version covers all markets
      • Control settings memorised allowing remote power switching
      • Digital Rotary Volume and Tone controls with LED indication
      • Source selection of all inputs from the front panel, mixing of inputs is possible.
      • Increased output current 3A RMS and 40m Loop cable coverage up to 70m2
      • Loop Level Indicator
      • Priority Function Control
      • Automatic Gain Control
      • On/Off Mains Switch
      • Blue LED Function Indicators
      • Red LED Level Indicator
      • 2 Microphone Inputs
      • 3 Line inputs

      If you choose this system you will receive:

      • LA240 amplifier
      • Power supply & Mains Lead
      • Digital Audio Optical TOSlink 
      • 40 metres loop cable and cable clips
      • 1 Direct Connection lead kit
  • Technical Information

    • Power Supply:

      • 18V 1.5A Power Supply 
      • 12-24V DC 2A External Supply


      • Rotary Volume Control
      • Rotary Tone control
      • On/Off power switch
      • Source selector switches
      • Priority switch

      Input connections:

      • Digital Audio TOSlink/Coaxial
      • 2 x Microphone inputs. 3.5mm mono jack plug. DC powered 5V for electret microphones
      • 2x Aux In Left/Right line inputs. Phono/RCA sockets. For direct connection to a TV sound output or other audio sources via SCART or other suitable sockets.

      Output connections:

      • Push grip connectors for loop cable or loop pad (Labelled: Loop Cable). Loop will give full output with loop resistance between 0.5 and 1.5 Ohms.
      • 3.5mm stereo jack for headphones (Phones) 8-60 Ohms

      Loop output:

      • 3.0A output current @ 100-5KHz. Meets BS EN60118-4:2006 for a loop not exceeding 6.5m (20ft) in width. Suitable for areas up to 70m2

      Loop Cable:

      • Single turn loop cable. The system supplied with 40m (130ft) 24/0.2mm (0.75mm2) single core PVC insulated cable. Min cable length 11m = 0.5 Ohms


      • Red & Blue LED's
  • Colour

    • Silver

  • Size

    • 180x140x42mm

  • Instructions

  • Reviews

    • 5 Stars

      18th December 2019

      Wonderful product! For the first time in years I can sit watching TV at a comfy level, and my husband can hear perfectly on the loop. It makes an amazing difference to our evenings,and he can even hear from upstairs! A miracle ! Dear Mrs Baruah, Thank you for the fantastic review of this product, we are very glad to read that it has helped you in this way.

      Pamela Baruah,

      1 Star

      8th August 2019

      We have used this product happily for some years. But now very disappointed to discover when ordering a new amplifier kit it does not include remote control. (Even though the box shows picture of amplifier with remote)

      Sarabec Technical Department response: We are sorry that you felt the need to return the system because it is no longer supplied with a remote control. Our website and literature no longer have any mention of the remote control previously supplied and the packaging clearly shows a label saying that the remote function has been discontinued. Functionality wise the system is still the same and is the best system available for the money.

      Colin Shurrock,

      5 Stars

      24th January 2019

      Excellent Machine, very easy to set-up. Works superbly well even 6' outside of the loop. For others in the room the television volume is now about 1/3 of the level that I needed prior to installing the LA240. Should have had this equipment years ago. Big Bonus, my wife doesn't need to shout at me any more!!


      5 Stars

      13th January 2019

      I have had this fitted by my local Social Services. Two words describe it - absolutely brilliant - and it's transformed watching TV with my wife who has normal hearing. The TV is connected to our stereo system via an the Earphones connection. So in order to not to disturb neighbours its set at a level my wife says is OK. This means I miss things to such an extent, I'm constantly asking my wife - "what did just say", which is driving her daft. Since this equipment has been fitted I can hear clearly what is being said on TV. Last night my wife said, did you hear that?. I replied yes, so she asked "What did they say", so I told. Boots on the other foot now. Its connected to the TV by an 'Toslink' (optical) connector, so if I watch TV on my own I don't need to turn on the stereo system to listen as I can listen through the loop & my Hearing Aids. I would certainly recommend this system to transform TV viewing & listening. Social Services did check I was able to benefit from the system first.


      5 Stars

      14th August 2018

      Brilliant product which i use for all my domestic installations. Comes supplied as a kit with just about every connection method for modern televisions and audio equipment.

      Specialist Audio Services,

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