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LA240 Loop System

Using the loop (“T”) program the loop system will effectively bring the wanted sounds closer to you and minimise background noise. You will be able to move around the room without wearing any additional devices whilst listening to your TV, radio etc. The major advantage of a loop system over other TV systems is that once the system is set up all you will ever have to do after that is switch the TV on and switch your hearing aid to the loop ("T") program.

The volume of your TV can be set at a level that is comfortable for other listeners whilst you can adjust your own sound level with the volume control on the loop amplifier.

By directly connecting your loop amplifier to your TV you will cut out background sounds. However, you will still be able to hear your doorbell, telephone ring or conversation by using the microphone supplied with the system and hear them through the loop

This loop amplifier allows you to directly connect to several pieces of equipment at the same time, for instance your TV and Hi-Fi. You can quickly select which one you want to listen to at the touch of a button.

A compact alternative for an individual to the room loop cable is the loop pad. Instead of running the loop cable around the room simply place the loop pad under or behind a chair cushion and connect it to the amplifier and you are ready to receive in your favourite chair.

The Room Loop System is a complete, easy to install mains powered system. The supplied loop cable is run around the edge of the room and connected to the Loop Amplifier.

Alternatively you may use a loop pad placed under a chair cushion or across the chair back. This can be suitable for a single person or where a limited loop field is required.

The amplifier transmits the sound from your TV directly to your hearing aid when switched to the “T” position. The sound from your TV is picked up by the Loop Amplifier via a direct connection lead, whilst an additional microphone can be used for other sounds. The loop signal is then transmitted via the loop wire or pad “the aerial” to the telecoil in the hearing aid.

The Room Loop System requires no technical knowledge to install. It is easy to install and operates with any TV or other audio equipment. Simply run the loop cable from the amplifier around the edge of the room and back to the amplifier as illustrated. The loop cable is only a single core wire. Cable clips are supplied to allow you to fix it to the skirting board. When you come to a doorway either go up and round it or go under the carpet it doesn’t matter as long as you go round the room. Tuck the loop cable out of the way under the edge of your carpet or run it around your skirting board or picture rail and plug it into the back of the Loop Amplifier.

The compact amplifier features:

  • On/off switch with “on” indicator
  • Rotary volume and tone controls
  • Digital Audio Inputs (TOSLink & S/PDIF)
  • Input selector to switch between TV and other audio equipment
  • Exceptional clarity with wide ranging tone control
  • Microphone inputs with priority feature
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) – protects against sudden increases in volume
  • Coverage with standard cable up to 70m2 with a maximum room width of 6.5m
  • A red loop level LED indicator and blue LED power and input indicators

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