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CM-2.4 Communication Master System
CM-2.4 Communication Master System

CM-2.4 Communication Master System

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This product is suitable for users with hearing aids that have the 'T' or loop facility.

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»CM-2.4« – the premium-class communication system with digital 2.4 GHz transmission

Highest audio quality through 2.4 GHz digital transmission: Listening with headphones, ear phones or through induction. Especially in noisy environments, the dialogue system »CM-2.4« reveals itself as a clear benefactor, not only for people with impaired hearing or users of hearing aids or CI implants.

Small and practical, the »CM-2.4« stands up to difficult acoustic situations with impressive sound quality. It offers convenience and liberty in conversations: Just switch to clear understanding and converse with confidence - everywhere where each word matters, be it at home, during your leisure time or at work.

»CM-2.4« – Roger that!

By using the 2.4 GHz frequency band, the »CM-2.4« utilises the currently highest quality of modern transmission technology, involving high bit rates without loss through compression. The result: Clarity and quality and, compared to other transmission methods, a vastly reduced amount of interference. What's more, the »CM-2.4« can be used for many applications while being very easy to use.

The »CM-2.4« transmitter

This small but powerful transmitter has 3,5 mm connection sockets for microphones or audio input. Just switch it on and the transmitter is instantly ready to use - the LC display indicates the current status of transmission power, transmission channel and battery charge level. The menu-guided handling is managed with just 3 buttons. The maximum transmission range can be up to 300 metres, depending on the surroundings. The operating time per battery charge is about 20 hours.

The »CM-2.4« receiver

The receiver sports two 3,5 mm audio output sockets for connecting various listening devices, such as headphones, active speakers, earphones or neckloops. Even audio-stereo systems can be connected. These will bring the transmitted sound to your ear, either by usual sound waves or, when using the included neckloop, by induction. By the latter way, hearing impaired people can enjoy the sound in their preferred level of volume, virtually free of other environmental sounds.





In the box:

  • CM-2.4 transmitter
  • CM-2.4 receiver
  • Plug-in microphone
  • ear-worn microphone
  • In-ear earphones
  • Headphones
  • Neckloop
  • Two beltclips
  • Two lanyard straps
  • USB dual charger cable
  • USB power supply unit

Technical Information

  • Frequency type:ISM 2403 - 2480 MHz
  • Transmission mode:ISM 2.4 GHz FSK modulation with frequency hopping
  • Transmission power:Maximum 10 mW
  • Latency:< 30 ms
  • Channel distance:1 MHz
  • Data rate:2 Mbps
  • Power supply:LI-ION 3,7 V / 1100 mAh
  • Transmission time per charge:approx. 20 h
  • Transmission range:up to 300 m

85 x 50 x15mm

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