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CM-BT2 Bluetooth Neckloop

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This product carried a warranty for 2 years

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2 Year Warranty

If you have a pacemaker or ICD fitted you should read your user manual along with the FAQ's on our website before using this product. If in doubt consult your cardiologist. Click for more information.

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This product is suitable for users with hearing aids that have the 'T' or loop facility.

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This product uses Bluetooth connectivity technology.

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Top Features

  • Bluetooth Conectivity
  • Connects to smartphones as well as standard mobiles
  • Can connect to laptops, ipads etc for video calls
  • Replaceable battery pack
CM-BT2 Bluetooth Neckloop


This Bluetooth (R) receiver allows you to be hands free whilst making and answering phone calls.

Primarily for use with the included neckloop and a hearing aid T loop facility, it can also be used with earphones or a headset without a hearing aid.

The built-in microphone transmits what you say directly to the cell phone.




Technical Information

  • Bluetooth specification version 5.0
  • Frequency spectrum: 2.4 Ghz ISM spectrum
  • Frequency: 79 channels
  • Modulation: GFSK (Gaussian frequency shift keying)
  • Bluetooth Profile: HSP speech out put / music out put by headset
  • HFP wireless telephoning
  • A2DP stereo headphones
  • AVRCP remote control of audio data
  • Operating distance: 10m
  • Stand-by time: up to 120h
  • Talk time: up to 3h with neckloop, up to 13h with headphones
  • Charging time: 3h


Product Q&A


Can any tv transmitter/streamer be used with the CM-BT2 neck loop

Sarabec's Reply:

Yes pretty much, the CMBT-2 is a bluetooth 5.1device


my hearing aids are bluetooth can I plug this into any mobile telephone and will the message be heard in my hearing aid

Sarabec's Reply:

This is a Bluetooth neckloop, it connects to the phone via Bluetooth and transmits the signal via the Loop program on your hearing aids. A better option for you may be to link your hearing aids directly to your mobile via Bluetooth.


Can this be paired to a music player, eg ipod?

Sarabec's Reply:

Yes there is no reason why not.


Van you buy replacement battery covers for cm bt 2? Thanks.

Sarabec's Reply:

Hello, Could you please email us with your delivery address, we will be happy to send you one.


Can this be linked with shokz so that external sound is transmitted to the bone conduction headphones ?

Sarabec's Reply:

Hi, no that product won't do what you need, but this one will...


instructions for CM-BT2 Bluetooth Neckloop! says Bluetooth 2 The website says Bluetooth 5

Sarabec's Reply:

Hi, the CM-BT2 that we sell now is Bluetooth 5, the online instructions will be updated as soon as we have the digital version available.


Do you sell the charging cable for the CM-BT2 Bluetooth Neckloop? My dog just chewed mine up!

Sarabec's Reply:

Hi, Yes we do, it can be seen and purchased here


Good morning. I am a deaf girl, in one ear I have a cochlear implant, in the other I use a hearing aid. Is this snare capable of simultaneously transmitting sound to both aids? Thanks

Sarabec's Reply:

Hi, as long as you have a loop program on both there is no reason why you wouldn't benefit from this item. Both aids would pick up the signal simultaneously

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