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Crescendo 60 Personal Communications System

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This product is suitable for users with hearing aids that have the 'T' or loop facility.

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The Crescendo 60 Personal Communications system is ideal in situations where the equipment may need to be used and then packed away on a regular basis, the hard plastic case keeps everything together and protected.

You should choose this system if you require a truly portable listening system.

If DDA compliance is an issue, this system may be the solution as it can be used by hearing aid users and non-hearing aid users alike.

If a disabled customer finds it 'impossible or unreasonably difficult' to access your goods, services or facilities, then service providers may have to change the way they provide those goods, services or facilities. These changes are known as 'reasonable adjustments'. They include but are not exclusive to:

•changing the way a service is provided – 'practices, policies or procedures'
•providing an additional aid or service if this will help or enable someone to access the service – for example, an induction loop or communication support
•removing or altering physical features, such as doors, lighting or glass screens, if these create barriers to accessing the service – or providing the service in an alternative way.





This system is comprised of:

  • Crescendo 60 Amplifier with 2 "AA" batteries
  • Stethoscope Headset with 10 replacement rubber ear tips
  • Neck Loop with 1m lead
  • Microphone with 1.2m lead & tie-clip
  • Plug-In Microphone
  • 3m Extension lead
  • Hard plastic case with customised foam inserts

General Information:

  1. White / Grey colour scheme
  2. Increased gain and loudness
  3. Increased tone control range
  4. Automatic gain control
  5. No internal mic, comes with plug-in, 1.2m lead mic & 3m extension lead.
  6. Low battery indication
  7. Modern sleek design and pocket size
  8. Easy-to-use versatile system for personal listening in any situation. Conversation and TV listening.
  9. Rotary volume and tone control giving immediate visual aspect of control settings.
  10. No external switches
  11. Control icons printed onto the plastic
  12. 2x AA Alkaline batteries. Own rechargeable batteries can be used
  13. Belt clip, strong but simple and easy to remove.
  14. Lanyard/Neck cord (incorporating safety break)

Internal Switch Settings

M – Microphone setting, this position is used when using either a plug-in or microphone with lead.

A – AUX setting, this setting should be used when connecting to a television or any other sound source using a direct connection lead.

T – Loop pick up setting, to be used when listening to a loop system, or testing to an existing loop system. Similar to a hearing aid on “T” or loop settings.

Technical Information

  • Material: ABS
  • Batteries: 2x 1.5v AA,LR06 Alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life: 80 hours with 32Ω headset with signal under normal listening conditions.
  • Power Consumption: 10mA with 32 ohm headphones with no signal
  • Controls: 44mm Rotary Volume Control, 30mm Rotary Tone Control
  • Internal Controls: 3 Position switch inside battery compartment.


  • M - Microphone input; plug-in or long lead electret
  • A - Auxiliary Input using microphone socket for direct connection to audio out/headphone socket
  • T - Induction Loop pickup (acts like a hearing aid on T)


  • Frequency Response: 200 Hz – 10 kHz +/- 3dB
  • Maximum Gain: 60dB
  • Tone Control: 16dB (+/- 8dB) at 5kHz
  • 20dB (+/- 10db) at 100Hz
  • Maximum audio signal output:>125dB with 307-105 headphones.
  • Maximum output OSPL 90: 128dB (line input)


Product Q&A


Is this equipment suitable for meetings and with hearing aids please

Sarabec's Reply:

Yes, absolutely it can be used in meetings

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