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Geemarc CL7500 OPTI Wireless Headphone
Geemarc CL7500 OPTI Wireless Headphone
Geemarc CL7500 OPTI Wireless Headphone
Geemarc CL7500 OPTI Wireless Headphone

Geemarc CL7500 OPTI Wireless Headphone

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Top Features

  • Amplification up to +125dB
  • Balance Control
  • Tone Control
Geemarc CL7500 OPTI Wireless Headphone
Geemarc CL7500 OPTI Wireless Headphone
Geemarc CL7500 OPTI Wireless Headphone


The Geemarc CL7500 Opti is designed for hearing-impaired people and has an adjustable volume of up to 125dB SPL, making it suitable for people with hearing loss ranging from low to severe.

The headset is lightweight weighing in at only 260 grams, the earpieces contain controls which include Left & Right Balance, volume and tone.

You can charge your wireless TV headset by replacing it on its base, using an external battery, or even connecting it directly to your laptop! It takes 6 hours for the batteries to get fully charged.

The CL7500 main base can be plugged into your Televisions Digital Optical or analogue output sockets using the leads provided It can also work with other audio devices such as radios and DPD players, as long as those devices have a compatible audio output socket.




  • Built-in Digital treble/bass adjustment (+/-10dB)
  • amplification up to +125dB
  • Balance control left/right
  • Clear digital sound, transmission FHSS
  • Selection of either stereo or mono mode
  • Base plugs directly into the optical input or the analogue input of your TV or of your audio device
  • Comfortable, lightweight, over-the-head style headset
  • Tactile identification on the headset control buttons
  • Auto off when there is no signal after 4 minutes
  • Multiple additional headsets can be paired to the same device

Technical Information

  • Digital 2.4G ISM band AFHSS transmission
  • Receiving amplification up to 125dBspl.
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20 000Hz
  • Operation Frequency: 2.402 – 2.480GHz
  • Modulation Type: GFSK
  • Number of Channels: 79
  • Bandwidth: 1M
  • Bit Rate of Transmitter: 1Mbps
  • Antenna Type: Internal Antenna
  • Operating range from the transmitter:
  • o Indoor: up to 35m
  • o Open field: up to 200m
  • Charging time of the battery: 6 hours
  • Continuous usage time: 8 hours
  • Jack and optical inputs
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Product Q&A


In the description it says you can pair more headsets with the base, what headsets are compatible? Can you supply another set of the CL75000 headphones without the base? Thank you

Sarabec's Reply:

Only the CL7500 headsets are compatible, however, they are not available separately, you would need to purchase a complete second system.

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