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Digital Wireless TV Listening

  • Do you want to listen to the TV at a higher volume than other members of the family?
  • One person’s listening enjoyment can be a problem for everyone else!
  • These wireless TV listening systems allow you to choose how loud you want the sound without disturbing others.

Wireless systems allow you the freedom to move around without the need to have wires between you and the item you want to listen to. However they all need to be connected to your TV, Radio or music etc. to pick up the sound using the leads provided.

You may find listening in a noisy situation is stressful OR turning the volume up on the TV or Radio is not enough OR you have difficulty in hearing the programmes clearly.

Your hearing aid may have the “T” (loop) facility with this you can enhance your listening by making more of your hearing aid and choose one of the products with the T symbol. Sounds will be transmitted directly to your hearing aid’s loop facility increasing intelligibility and significantly reducing background noise. Products without the T symbol are suitable for those who do not wear hearing aids.

Even with today’s rapidly changing technology, we can usually help you find a solution to connect to your existing equipment with a range of items and information to help you enjoy your entertainment. The wireless listeners allow quick connection to your TV, Radio or Music device. They all require you to wear a receiver whether or not you use a hearing aid.

Digital listening systems use the 2.4GHz frequency to transmit their sound from the transmitter to the receiver. They use a coding system that means they are unlikely to suffer any form of interference. The coding system requires the transmitter to be matched/paired to the receiver(s) required. Normally up to 4 receivers can be used with any single transmitter.

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