Crescendo 60

The Crescendo 60 Personal Listener will amplify the sound from your television, radio or conversation.

The Crescendo 60 will allow you to listen at a volume that is comfortable for you.  There is now no need to have the television or radio volume at a level that will disturb your family, friends or neighbours. It will allow you to take part in a conversation with confidence.

The Crescendo Personal Listener is a portable listener which is light and comfortable to use. For conversation use the plug-in microphone to pick up the sound. For use with a TV or radio either a microphone or direct connection lead is used to pick up the sound.

The Crescendo Personal Listener requires no technical knowledge to assemble, simply plug the accessories into the appropriate sockets and it is ready to use.

The range of systems listed allows you to choose a complete ready to use system especially suited to your needs.

  • A modern and ergonomic Crescendo amplifier with:
    • A highly effective rotary volume control
    • A rotary tone control (to boost either high or low tones)
    • An indicator “on” light with a low battery warning
    • Mode selection (Microphone, Direct input & Loop Pickup)
    • 2 AA alkaline batteries (supplied) for up to 60 hours use
    • Belt clip & Neck cord
  • A plug-in microphone for one to one communication. An additional microphone with 1.2m lead and tie-clip is supplied should you need to place the microphone nearer to what you need to listen to. Velcro pads for attaching the additional microphone to a loudspeaker grille.
  • A 3m extension for either microphone or listening option.
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