SWING IR Headset Receiver


Discontinued item. Please contact us for information on alternatives.

  • SWING IR Headset Receiver
SWING IR Headset Receiver
  • Description

    • This is a spare/replacement SWING receiver for the SWING IR systems.

      The receiver part is an under chin headset which has its own volume, tone and balance controls acting independently of the sound source.

      To recharge the receiver you simply drop it onto the charging cradle (an extra battery can be purchased separately and charged up in the side charging pod) normal expected battery life is approximately 7 hours.

  • Features

    • Comes supplied with 1 x battery pack and extra earpieces.

  • Technical Information

      • Operating time per battery pack: approx. 7 h
      • Battery type: Li-Polymer
      • Number of battery packs: 1
      • Charge time: approx. 5 h (2.5h for 90% charge)
      • Maximum volume: approx. 125 dB (A)
      • Weight: approx. 58 g

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