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Swissvoice Xtra 3355 Combo White Telephone

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This product carried a warranty for 1 year

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1 Year Warranty

If you have a pacemaker or ICD fitted you should read your user manual along with the FAQ's on our website before using this product. If in doubt consult your cardiologist. Click for more information.

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This product is suitable for users with hearing aids that have the 'T' or loop facility.

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Top Features

  • powerful ringers can be set up to 90dB
  • up to +40dB amplification on the handset
  • Up to 3 additional handsets can be added
Swissvoice Xtra 3355 Combo White Telephone


The Swissvoice Xtra 3355 Combo Telephone with Answering Machine is an easy-to-use duo phone with a corded base and a cordless DECT handset.

Ideal to equip the whole house, this DECT combo combines the safety of a cordless phone with the flexibility of a cordless handset!

Its large qualitative backlit display ensures perfect legibility.

4 direct memories (with pictures on the corded base and A, B, C, D keys on the handset), allow you to easily call your favourite correspondents. These memories are associated with a ringer with a Caller ID announcement*.

From sound performance, Xtra 3355 Combo is equipped with a large keypad with talking digits to avoid any dialling mistakes.

The product offers a high-quality adjustable hands-free function (on a corded base and cordless handset) and an audio-boost key (up to +40dB) on the 2 elements.

The most powerful ringers can be set up to 90dB, to avoid missing any call.

The highly visible ringing indicators on the corded base and handset, associated to the Hearing Aid Compatibility are especially suitable for people with hearing loss.

Xtra 3355 Combo comes with a 30 min digital answering machine with direct access keys on both units. It is also equipped with the slow play messages function to understand every little word !

Finally, Xtra 3355 Combo has call block facility* with 2 modes :

- Manual mode with dedicated key allowing to block up to 200 entries

- Automatic mode: only stored numbers can make the phone ring (on/off)

Up to 3 additional handsets Swissvoice Xtra Handset can be associated to the Xtra 3355 base.

Nice to know: the corded base works in case of power autage (basic features only)

The handset works with 3 x standard AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries (included) – 3,6V - 600mAH

* Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by telecom provider.



  • Hearing Aid compatible
  • Voice equaliser on corded phone and handset (bass, normal, treble) with slide switch
  • Loud talking keypad with talking digits which helps to avoid dialling mistakes
  • High-quality adjustable hands-free function
  • Audio boost key for boosting the receiver volume (up to 40dB)
  • Very loud ringer - up to 90db!
  • Ring indicator lights on the corded base and handset help you to see when a call is coming through
  • 30 min digital answering machine with a slow play function so you can understand words more clearly
  • The corded base will work in the event of a power outage (basic features only)

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