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ProLoop C (170m2)

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The PROLOOP amplifier family is designed for professional use in medium-sized rooms (up to 170 m²) in private buildings and public facilities, in which particularly high dependability and extremely reliable operation are required.

Thanks to a 100-percent short-circuit-proof amplifier, switchable, symmetrical XLR input jacks and extremely stable output performance, the PROLOOP C is able to meet these demands.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) guarantees consistent field strength and reproduces stable sound with a special emphasis on clear speech, even under acoustically demanding conditions.

Corresponding test equipment can be used to evaluate the sound quality via the integrated monitor out jack.


  • High output current: 4 A RMS
  • Short-circuit-proof
  • Automatic fuse reset
  • Two symmetrical XLR input jacks
  • One RCA input jack
  • One line output jack
  • Extra-sturdy jacks
  • Dual action AGC for excellent speech recognition
  • High availability, operating reliability and quality assurance
  • Convenient monitoring of the magnetic field: Can be done using headphones or speakers
  • Treble control to compensate for treble losses due to reinforcement

Technical Information

Mains connection:

  • 230-240 V AC 50 Hz, 7-200 W, 10 A fuse
  • Coverage: 170 m² acc. to IEC 60118-4, single-loop, free field

Induction loop output

  • Max. current: 4 A RMS, short-circuit-proof
  • Max. voltage: 31 V from peak to peak
  • Output AGC:  Sets voltage and power for steady signals like oscillation and sine curves after 0.6-1 seconds to -10 dB. Short pulses and normal program signals are not limited.
  • Frequency response: 100 - 5000 Hz ( ± 3 dB)
  • Distortion: < 1%
  • Cable connection: Screw connection on rear panel of the amplifier


  • 1. LINE OUT: 0 dBm-RCA out (with AGC function)


  • IN 1 and 2: 0.5 mV-100 mV / 10 kOhm (mic.) alt. 25 mV - 4 V/ 10 kOhm (line) AGC, switchable phantom voltage, XLR connections
  • IN 3: 50 mV-10 V / 10 kOhm, RCA connection
  • AGC: Dynamics: > 70 dB
  • Rise time: 2 - 500 ms
  • Fall time: 0,5 - 20 dB/s

Controls and displays

  • Treble control: 0 - +9 dB, potentiometer
  • Induction loop adjustment: 0 - 170 m², potentiometer
  • Displays: Mains connection: 1 green LED 
  • Input level: 1 green LED 
  • Induction loop power: 1 green LED

Induction loop monitoring

  • 6.3 mm jack for headphone connection


  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 64 x 295 x 205 mm
  • Weight: 3,6 kg
  • Color: black

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