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Phoneplus Telephone Handset Amplifier
Phoneplus Telephone Handset Amplifier

Phoneplus Telephone Handset Amplifier

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Top Features

  • Adjustable volume for a setting comfortable for you
  • Tone control, allowing you to hear clearly
  • Boost function for further amplification
  • LED Indicator
Phoneplus Telephone Handset Amplifier


The Phoneplus PL51 is a discreet, stylish, battery-operated device that connects between the base unit and handset of most corded handset telephones. It can be left connected when no volume or tone boosting is needed without affecting the performance of your telephone. The phoneplus automatically switches “on” when the handset is lifted and switches “off” when the handset is replaced.

If telephone callers’ voices seem very quiet or muffled you will benefit from using our Phoneplus. The Phoneplus is used to increase the volume of the caller’s voice through your handset with the addition of boosting high or low tones if required.

Callers voices can be amplified by up to 40 dB (100 times) with additional tone control of +/- 6 dB helping to improve clarity

*** Not suitable for use with Cordless, mobile or telephones with buttons in the handset and should not be necessary on already highly amplified phones***



  • Headset/Neckloop socket
    Use the telephone handset as normal to speak into, but you can listen through a headset or neckloop plugged into this socket.
  • Volume control
    Adjust the volume to the setting which is most comfortable by moving the volume control slide switch. Callers voices can be amplified by up to 40 dB (100 times) with additional tone control of +/- 6 dB helping to improve clarity
  • Tone control
    Adjust the tone control slide switch up or down to a position which allows you to hear clearly, the normal tone can be found at the middle point on the tone control slide.
    When the control is moved up the higher frequencies will be boosted and if the control is moved down lower frequencies will be boosted. 
  • Boost control
    Press and hold down the boost button for further amplification, the boost function doubles the output at the chosen volume setting.
    When using the boost function background noise and the possibility of feedback occurring will be greatly reduced as this function mutes the microphone in your handset.
    When speaking, remember to release the boost button so that the person you are speaking to can hear you at their normal volume level.
  • LED Indicator
    The phone plus turns on automatically every time the telephone handset is lifted, this is indicated by the green LED illuminating.
    The phoneplus will switch off automatically approximately 30 seconds after the telephone handset is replaced onto the cradle, this will be indicated by the green LED no longer being lit.
    Please note that switching the unit on and off is an automatic function not related to the position of the volume control.
    If the battery in the phone plus is low or flat the telephone will still function as normal providing the volume control is returned to the minimum setting.
    Not returning the volume control to minimum will give reduced output, when the batteries are exhausted.

If you choose this system you will receive:

  • A Phoneplus amplifier with slide volume and tone adjustment, Boost Button and a headset/Neckloop socket.
  • A connecting lead from the Phoneplus to the base of your telephone
  • 2 x AA batteries which may last up to two years (based on 20 minutes use per day)
  • Operating instructions

Technical Information

In some cases the phoneplus may not work with your telephone, the PL-51 features a Handset wiring module which will allow you to change the settings within the amplifier so it will work with most corded telephones.


Product Q&A


Does the device work with Digital Voice phones and analogue phones?

Sarabec's Reply:

This item has a high compatibility rate of approximately 90%, its quite rare that it doesn't work with a phone.


how long does a phone plus last,mine is 3 years old??

Sarabec's Reply:

It varies, just like any electronic/electrical equipment.


what stops the amplified receiver howling (feedback from Microphone) when the volume is turned up?

Sarabec's Reply:

Having a good seal on the ear, and also adjusting the tone control, usually to introduce more Bass.


Does this work with VOIP phones?

Sarabec's Reply:

It depends on the make and model of the phone.


Does this product work with Binatone corded phones? I have tried it and can not get it to work?

Sarabec's Reply:

It works with some Binatone models but not with any real consistency.


On sarabec phone amplifier .what is push button for .

Sarabec's Reply:

Its a maximum amplification button, you would press and hold this if someone you are talking to are particularly quiet.

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