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Phonak PartnerMic
Phonak PartnerMic
Phonak PartnerMic
Phonak PartnerMic

Phonak PartnerMic

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This product uses Bluetooth connectivity technology.

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For use with Phonak Marvel & Paradise hearing aids only, the PartnerMic is an easy-to-use lapel worn microphone for one-to-one conversations. It uses AirStream™ technology for clear speech and superior sound quality.

This microphone is very easy to use - to pair the PartnerMic with the hearing aids you simply switch it on and hold the PartnerMic close to your hearing aids. Once paired it works automatically when turned on.

It has a range of up to 25 meters between speaker and listener, 6 hours use and takes up to 2 hours to recharge.

Supplied with a UK mains charger, lanyard and a protective bag.

Phonak product code: 076-4001-P510

Compatibility - The PartnerMic is compatible with Phonak Audéo P (Paradise), Audéo M (Marvel)-Direct, Audeo Bolero Marvel and Sky Marvel hearing aids only.

No other wireless hearing aids are compatible.



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