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Geemarc AmpliDECT 295 Extra Handset

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This product carried a warranty for 2 years

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2 Year Warranty

If you have a pacemaker or ICD fitted you should read your user manual along with the FAQ's on our website before using this product. If in doubt consult your cardiologist. Click for more information.

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This product is suitable for users with hearing aids that have the 'T' or loop facility.

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You can pair up to 4 additional handsets to your AMPLIDECT 295 and enjoy telephone conversations everywhere in your home: the range goes from 30 meters indoors to an incredible 80 meters outdoors!

Hear the difference with the Geemarc AMPLIDECT 295 - a phone with more than just a ring! If you rely on the T/Loop setting of your hearing aid to use your cordless telephone, then the Geemarc AMPLIDECT 295 is the ideal solution for you!




  • HAC
  • Adjustable receiving volume : up to 30dB
  • Speaker phone
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • Phonebook up to 50 numbers
  • Redial function for last 10 outgoing calls
  • Flash function (100ms/300ms/600ms)
  • Large keys
  • Choice of 7 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Russian)
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 bases and up to 5 handsets
  • Standby time : 4 days
  • Continuous talk time : 8 hours

Product Q&A


I am not hard of hearing but regarding the Geemarc Amplidect 295, does this have an extra loud speakerphone and volume to the recipient as very few phones genuinely seem to. Also is there an answering machine in this extra handset? Thanks.

Sarabec's Reply:

The speakerphones are loud, definitely louder than standard phones, and yes the answering machine can be accessed by the extra handsets


I've locked keypad and don't know how to unlock it

Sarabec's Reply:

Hi, press and hold the star key (it has a key on it also) until the lock symbol disappears.

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