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Artone 3 Max Bluetooth Loopset
Artone 3 Max Bluetooth Loopset
Artone 3 Max Bluetooth Loopset

Artone 3 Max Bluetooth Loopset

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This product carried a warranty for 1 year

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1 Year Warranty

If you have a pacemaker or ICD fitted you should read your user manual along with the FAQ's on our website before using this product. If in doubt consult your cardiologist. Click for more information.

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This product is suitable for users with hearing aids that have the 'T' or loop facility.

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This product uses Bluetooth connectivity technology.

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Artone-3MAX is the most powerful bluetooth neckloop on the market, that works even for severe hearing loss and cochlear implants. 

This version of the popular Artone bluetooth loopset /neckloop will create a link from your hearing aid to your Bluetooth phone.

When purchasing the Artone -3 product you upgrade your hearing device to “Bluetooth hearing aid” level.

Hearing aid/implant with Bluetooth function allows the user to communicate over cell phone, using the hearing aid as a handsfree. Further more you can listen to the TV while using the hearing aid/implant as wireless headphones.

Artone -3 streamer also allow music streaming straight into hearing device from iPhone, iPods, iPads. Artone 3 users can enjoy: podcasts, videos, music transmitted straight to the hearing aid/implant.



  • Supports Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, and HS/HF profiles 
  • Wirelessly enjoy stereo music from all A2DP-enabled devices, such as iphone cell phones, PDA, PC etc 
  • Features Software & CVC echo/noise cancellation for reducing noise
  • Remote controls: play, skip and select your music.
  • Totally wireless.
  • Clear amplified communication.
  • Compatible with any phone with Bluetooth® technology.
  • Compatible with any hearing aid equipped with T-coil option
  • Rechargeable Long lasting Battery
  • Voice dial options.
  • compatible with Artone TVB – for SKYPE, TV, Radio, Ipod…)

Product Q&A


Will the Artone 3 Max Bluetooth work with iPhone 13? Thanks very much.

Sarabec's Reply:

Yes, it works just fine.


could I use this with Samsung s7 edge phone or a kindle

Sarabec's Reply:

Yes, you can use this device with pretty much any modern mobile phone.


What is the duration on the battery after full charge?

Sarabec's Reply:

In constant use you would get 3-4 hours between charges.


Can you please tell me what version of Bluetooth does the Artone 3 Max Wireless Streamer have. Thanks

Sarabec's Reply:

It's a version 4.1 product.


are you able to tell me how long the battery will last when listening to music continuously?

Sarabec's Reply:

It does depend on volume level but customers report that they have on average about 4-5 hours usage from a charge.


Hi will this work with aftershoks bone conduction headphones?

Sarabec's Reply:

No, the neckloop and aftershokz are both Bluetooth receivers, so they can only be linked to a Bluetooth transmitter of some sort such as a mobile phone.


Has this a neck loop

Sarabec's Reply:

This item IS a neckloop with a Bluetooth receiver built into it.


Would it work with an iPhone 5

Sarabec's Reply:

Hi, yes it will work fine with an iphone 5

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