Phonak Roger Table Mic II

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  • Description

    • The Phonak Roger Table Mic II is a wireless transmitting microphone designed for people who take part in meetings. With Phonak's innovative MultiBeam Technology it selects the person who’s talking and switches automatically between the meeting participants. The user has added control as the Remote allows the microphone to be muted and unmuted and the listening area increased or decreased.

      If speech clarity is an issue when working in a large group of people, then the Roger Table Mic II could revolutionize your working life. Simply place the transmitter into the centre of the table, press the button and it will focus the microphone on the person who is talking. It will then switch automatically from one participant to another, wirelessly transmitting the sound directly to your hearing aids. It can also conduct sound from your computer, conference telephone or other multimedia source. You can even increase your network coverage by connecting up to another RogerTable Mic II; an ideal function for those larger meetings.

      Ideal for:

      • Noisy restaurants or cafes
      • Lecture halls, the classroom or office environments
      • Family gatherings
      • Board meetings, large or small

      The innovative MultiBeam Technology from Phonak ensures Table Mic II picks up 360° sound, providing exceptional speech clarity and understanding during a group conversation. The device should be used in conjunction with compatible Roger receivers that fit directly to your hearing aids or cochlear implants. (Sold separately).

      The Roger Table Mic II works in conjunction with hearing aids that are fitted with a compatible Roger receiver. The Roger Table Mic II itself does not include the receiver or hearing aids. 

      Supplied with adaptor, micro-USB cable, soft case, 3.5mm audio cable, RCA/Cinch adapter and quick set up guide

      To complete the system, you will need three main elements; hearing aids, compatible Roger Receivers and at least one Roger Table Mic.

  • Features

      • Battery Life – approximately 16 hours
      • Remote Control for ease of use
      • To be used in conjunction with miniature Roger receivers
      • Finely tuned audio processing and omnidirectional microphone for excellent speech clarity
      • 3.5mm audio input for multimedia devices
      • Mute function – enables you to focus on one voice and not to be distracted by other conversations around you
      • MultiTalker Network capability when used with several Roger Table Mics, Roger Select, Roger pen, Roger EasyPen or a Clip-On Mic
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