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Induction Loop Systems

Because the loop receiver facility is built into your hearing aid you will not need to wear an additional receiver.

The principle of a loop system is bit like radio. A transmitter sends the sound direct to your hearing aid which has a built-in receiver known as the loop facility. Hearing aids with this facility are often referred to as having a telecoil fitted in them.

Loop systems come in many sizes. From a personal loop worn around the neck or close to the ear, room loops for the home or office meeting room through to churches, cinemas and theatres even football stadiums have looped areas. If you have the loop facility in your hearing aid you can benefit at home, work or entertainment venue.

You may find that your hearing aid is perfectly suited to your hearing loss in a one to one situation but when the person you want to hear gets further away or there are many people speaking at once you find it difficult to discriminate between the person you want to hear and other people.

Loop systems in their many different forms help to bridge the gap between you and the talker by bringing their speech directly to your ears.

Some users find that whilst benefiting from the sound of the TV, for instance, being transmitted directly to their hearing aid they feel cut off from other useful sounds like the doorbell or being able to hear their partner. This can be overcome by asking for an additional program where the loop and microphone are mixed together. This used to be known as “MT”

We would recommend that most hearing aid users ask for both the “T” and “MT” programs to be activated. This enables you to benefit at home from being able to listen to TV at a volume suitable for all the household by using the “MT” program while not missing the doorbell or listening to your partner. However, if going to the bank, theatre, cinema or church using the “T” facility will enable you to hear just what you want to hear either the film or performance and not the noises near to you.

Ask your audiologist if you are not clear how to use the loop features of your hearing aid or you need it activating. Sometimes the sensitivity of the loop program may need adjusting, again consult your audiologist.

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