TravelTim Portable Alarm Clock Green

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  • TravelTim Portable Alarm Clock
TravelTim Portable Alarm Clock
  • Description

    • A compact portable alarm clock with a fresh design to remind you when to wake up.

      The travelTim can wake you with any combination of sound, light or vibration.

      You can also connect vibration, flash and sound modules (Sold Seperately) to this clock via a socket on the side

      This product is very similar to a Shakeawake alarm clock.

  • Features

      • Backlit 24-hour display digital clock
      • Strong vibration pattern increasing in frequency
      • Buzzer alarm
      • LED light alarm
      • Snooze control
      • Socket for attachment of external modules
  • Technical Information

      • Batteries included 2 AA and 1 AAA alkaline
      • Alarm duration 4 minutes
  • Colour


  • Size


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Product Questions


Hello, I recently purchased a TravelTim alarm clock and I have a question about this clock On the display at the front of the clock top left hand corner is displayed a symbol , it seems odd to me that this symbol stays on whether the alarm is set or

That symbol is there to say what type of alert is active.


This answer is incorrect as on the the clock we have, the symbol never alters no matter what the setting, it is always displayed, it never goes of the screen. Is the clock we have faulty.

Do you mean the 3 lines in the top corner? if so this symbol should only display on the screen when an alert type is active, so that means the top three positions on the left-hand switch on the rear of the clock, the bottom position selected would cause t