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Sarabec's Most 'Loved' Products

This Valentine's Day, we have collated some of the most talked about, most frequently bought, and asked about hearing products. With love in the air this February, we're offering a Lovely 10% discount on our best products.

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Get BIG discounts on a range of our hearing products, including TV & Conversational Listeners, Doorbells, Baby Monitors, Telephones, Room Loops, and so much more! Happy Shopping!

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Geemarc CL9000 - 4G Emergency Response Telephone with SOS bracelet

Geemarc CL9000 - 4G Emergency Response Telephone with SOS bracelet

The Landline Experience with a Touch of Mobile

The brand new desktop Geemarc CL9000 phone looks and behaves like an amplified landline telephone, but it is portable as it runs on a mobile network. It doesn't need plugging into a phone line. Simply insert the SIM card of your choice & continue to make and receive calls as usual from any room in the house or garden. Unaffected by power cuts or internet services going down, the phone will continue to work whenever you need it. This phone can be used with a SIM Card of your choice, with deals for as little as £5 a month - saving hundreds of pounds in line rental and call costs.

Crescendo 60/5

Crescendo 60/5

The Crescendo 60 Personal Listener amplifies conversation, & the sounds of television & audio. Listen at a volume that is comfortable for you and doesn't disturb your family, friends or neighbours. The Crescendo transmits sounds clearly into your ears, improving your overall listening experience & helping you keep up with conversation.

  • A rotary volume and tone control
  • An indicator “on” light with a low battery warning
  • 2AA alkaline batteries supplied for up to 60hrs use
  • Belt clip & Neck cord
  • A plug‐in microphone for 1:1 communication
  • Additional microphone & A 3m extension for microphone or other listening option.
Chimeflash Doorbell

Chimeflash Doorbell

Our Chimeflash system assists those with hearing or vision loss, providing alerts to everyday household events like the doorbell or telephone. The Chimeflash system offers:

  • 6 x chime sounds of up to 100dB
  • Batteries included
  • Telephone transmitter & mains power supply available
Earis Premium Digital Neckloop & Headset Systems

Earis Premium Digital Neckloop & Headset Systems

This premium TV listener uses dynamic sound technology to deliver the highest sound quality currently available in TV listening equipment.

Do you have difficulty hearing everything that is said on Television? Amplify the sounds you want to hear whilst cutting disturbing background sounds. The Wireless TV/Audio Systems are fast-charging, simple to use, and ready to connect. They include sockets on base for connection to all modern TVs. Choose between the following systems: Headset, PR Neckloop, Pocket Receiver, Headset Receiver, and PR Receiver. Some systems come supplied with a Neckloop for hearing aid wearers or Headset for non-hearing aid wearers.

    LA240 Room Loop System

    LA240 Room Loop System

    The LA240 Loop System provides a practical solution for hearing aid users to more easily listen to their TV or Audio equipment via the “T” or “Loop” program of their hearing aid.

    • Optical and Coaxial digital audio input
    • Source selection of all inputs from the front panel
    Geemarc Amplicall Sentinel 1 Baby Monitor & Vibrating Pad

    Geemarc Amplicall Sentinel 1 Baby Monitor & Vibrating Pad

    The Amplicall Sentinel Alarm Video Monitor is an all-in-one baby monitor that enables parents, grandparents, and carers to keep an eye on their baby from a distance. The receiver rings, flashes, vibrates, and offers a Live feed so you can see what your baby is up to, 'feel' an alert, and sleep easy knowing your baby is too. Features include:

    • Alarm is triggered when motion is detected
    • Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

    Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

    This extra loud 113db alarm wakes even the heaviest of sleeper! The bed shaker provided is perfect for anyone who is hard of hearing or D/deaf. 

    If you are not good at getting up in the morning, this alarm clock is the perfect addition to your morning routine. The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is an easy-to-set digital alarm with red coloured night vision & digital display, powerful shaker, and pulsating alert lights that won’t keep you in the dark.

    SnoozeBand™ Original Grey for Tinnitus Symptoms

    SnoozeBand™ Original Grey for Tinnitus Symptoms

    Enjoy a deeper and more comfortable sleep with the original SnoozeBand™. Designed with ultra-soft speakers, it offers unmatchable comfort and an immersive audio experience. Linked to your phone or Bluetooth music device, this can then be used as a tinnitus masker using your favourite apps and sounds. Full washable, and compatible with any Bluetooth device.

    • Up to 10-hour playtime from 1 charge
    • Automatic shut-off timer after 1 or 2 hours
    • One size fits all

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