Signolux Home Alerting

A versatile and effective alerting system with many features found on more expensive systems making it especially suitable for deaf and hard of hearing people alike. A simple, efficient and cost effective system for people wanting peace of mind.

Wherever sounds happen around the home you can be made aware that an event needs your attention.

The receivers will alert you via a combination of loud sound, visual indications and/or vibrations.

In its basic form, this sophisticated system uses just two universal transmitters to keep installation as simple as possible:

An Audio Transmitter that uses microphones to detect sounds

A Direct transmitter that can be connected to existing devices around the house.

Dedicated alerts are included for person-to-person, bell push and smoke alarm Features and Benefits:

  • Receiver system with either loud sounds or bright white flashing light and coloured indicators or vibrations
  • Receivers have either 6 or 8 coloured icons to visually identify the source of the sound
  • System receiver with choice of 15 CD quality loud sounds up to 90dB output
  • Wirefree; uses 868 MHz radio frequency to send and receive system signals with secure coding system to avoid interference from neighbouring systems
  • Operating range of up to 200m*
  • Wall mountable receivers and transmitters
  • Portable pocket or clip-on vibrating receiver
  • Plug-in mains powered strobe receiver
  • Easy wireless installation between transmitters and receivers
  • Up to 8 transmitters can be coded to each icon with a choice of 15 sounds
  • Additional receivers and transmitters can be added to your system as required
  • All receivers can have the addition of a vibrating pad, separate strobe or loud sound alert
  • Battery operated with mains adaptor option
  • All batteries are included with the kits where necessary
  • * Max range between push and chime. Note: Building structures, e.g. metal and thick walls may affect transmission range
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