Signolux Audio Universal Transmitter

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  • Signolux Audio Universal Transmitter
Signolux Audio Universal Transmitter
  • Top Features

    • Portable/wall mounted wireless transmitter unit
    • Range up to 200 metres from chime
    • Ease of installation - no wiring required
    • Battery operated or mains powered (Mains Power Supply available separately)
    • Easily extended to include additional Signolux Bell Pushes, universal sound detectors, smoke alarm transmitters and telephone ring detectors.
  • Description

    • The Signolux Audio Universal Transmitter can be used to pick up audio signals from different sources such as a baby crying, an existing doorbell, an intercom system or the telephone ringing.

      This transmitter, which is free-standing or wall-mountable, is supplied with a sound pick-up which you can fix next to the sound source. There is an adjustable sensitivity control.

      You can also use this transmitter as a baby alarm – in this case you require an electret microphone (91CMIC) and a mains power supply (42SPSU), both purchased separately - see Associated Items on right.

      The Signolux system is based around a portable chime unit (sold separately) which receives signals from the transmitters (200m range) and alerts you to the different events with a flashing symbol, adjustable loud sound (up to 90dB) and a bright strobe light.

      For each transmitter, you can chose from 15 different sounds and 8 visual icons, plus you can have multiple transmitters and any number of chime units, allowing you to fully customise your system. The chime is battery operated and easily portable. There is the option to add in additional triggers or accessories such as more doorbells or a vibrating pillow pad - all purchased separately, see Associated Items on right.

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