Plug-In Mains Doorbells

​A range of totally wirefree mains powered Plug-In doorbells. You won’t miss that important parcel or caller at your door. Use these portable chimes in any room and take them with you if needed.

Mains Plug-In Doorbells designed to be simple, contemporary, reliable and hassle-free.

We supply doorbells from manufacturers such as Humantechnik and Honeywell.

Uncomplicated, plug-in installation means they are ready to go in minutes. Simple, versatile and cost-effective. Always there to alert you when someone is at the door.

All bell push batteries included where necessary. All systems are DIY installations requiring no cabling; drilling is not a necessity as sticky pads are supplied for mounting the bell push.

There is no need to worry if your neighbour has an identical system as simple coding systems ensure that it is only your system that rings.

The technology means they may be taken anywhere in the home, garden or mounted on a wall.

Systems are available with multiple sound options. Loud and/or Flashing alerting option. Suitable for those with visual or hearing loss.

Most systems can be expanded by adding additional doorbells (receivers) or bellpushes (transmitters)

The maximum quoted range of these systems, varying from 50 to 200m, will be the maximum without any obstructions. Please remember that building structures e.g. metal, uPVC doorframes and thick walls may affect the transmission.

Use a 50m system to go from front door to hallway, a 100m system to go around a small house and a 200m system to cover a whole house upstairs and downstairs and down the garden.

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