Personal Audio & Accessories

Our range of Listening accessories for use with the systems we supply, and systems we have supplied in the past.

You may not need an amplifying system, just by using one of these accessories you might find that you can improve your entertainment enjoyment by plugging one of these items directly into your own equipment.

In general you can use any of these accessories where there is a suitable headphone output.  Although you may not get the same power out of your own equipment compared with one of our full systems it may become loud enough for you to use more comfortably.

Using any of these products with or without a hearing aid will help bring the sound closer to you and reduce background noise.  The products for hearing aid users transmit the sound inductively directly to the hearing aid so cutting out background noise.

The issue you may have is that some of the small MP3 players do not have enough output to drive a neck loop.  If you want to use your hearing aid’s loop program then we would recommend the Ear Hooks as these give excellent reproduction.

If you have two hearing aids and use the stereo Ear Hook then if your MP3 player has stereo output you will hear in Stereo, unlike a Neck Loop which only transmits in Mono.

For these items, headphone extension leads can be used to extend the distance between you and the audio equipment.

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