Could this be the loudest doorbell in the world?

Could this be the loudest doorbell in the world?

22nd July 2021 | by Alison | posted in News

Does somebody else usually hear the doorbell before you do?

Do you miss deliveries/visitors due to not hearing the doorbell?

Would you prefer to see the doorbell ringing as well as or instead of hearing it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Chimeflash doorbell is perfect for you.

The Chimeflash has been specifically designed for deaf and hard of hearing as well as those with visual impairments, but will also suit anyone who just needs a good doorbell with excellent range and reliability as well as being very loud.

You can choose how you would like to be alerted, either by sound only, flash only or sound and flash together.

We also offer additional products for the Chimeflash, including a telephone transmitter which will allow you to be alerted when the phone is ringing with extra loud sounds, ultra bright flashing LED’s and coloured indicators on your Chimeflash receiver.

Features Include:

- Ultra Bright Flashing LED Lights

- Extremely Loud Sound

- Volume Control

- Indicator Symbols

Only £39.99 ex VAT

Read the full description:

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