Listening Options

Listening options for our personal listening systems.

These may be used in conjunction with Crescendo, and with some Sonumaxx, Earis and SWING models. They may also be used independently with other pieces of equipment with a suitable headphone socket, for example, your iPod or even with our phoneplus telephone amplifier.

Choose a Headset, Headphones or Earphones if you do not have, or choose not to wear Hearing Aids, choose a neckloop or ear hooks if you are a Hearing Aid wearer and your Hearing Aid has the loop or 'T' function.


Designed to be worn under the chin. Lightweight and comfortable, these are the most popular headsets giving the loudest output. They are suitable for a mild to moderate hearing loss. They have rubber ear tips that are very soft and comfortable to wear. Ear tips washable and renewable.


Traditional style over-the-head headphones, standard or lightweight, with an adjustable headband.  Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Can also be worn over hearing aids and use either the microphone or loop facility.


Modern in-ear earphones designed to be lightweight, comfortable and discreet they have the same mini loudspeakers as the headset. Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

They are supplied with clear silicone ear moulds to help them stay in your ears and seal so that feedback can be reduced.


If your hearing aid has the “T” or loop facility then you can make more of your hearing aid and its personalised settings by using a loop. The neck loop is a personal loop worn around the neck and transmits the sound directly to your hearing aid when switched to “T” or loop.

Ear hook

An ear hook or ear loop has a very small loop built-into a hook similar to the shape of a behind-the-ear hearing aid. It is extremely thin and comfortable to wear. Often found to be more discreet than a neckloop. Mono version for single hearing aid and a Stereo version for those with two hearing aids. Ear hooks can be used independently with mobile phones and MP3 players.

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