doro 6620

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  • Description

    • Designed with older users in mind, the Doro 6620 brings ease-of-use front and centre with an intuitive interface, clear and loud sound, and emergency button for quick and easy support.

  • Features

      • Easy-to-use clamshell phone with 3G (can connect via both wifi and mobile data).
      • HD voice technology allowing extra loud and clear sound
      • Hearing Aid Compatibility so that, even in noisy environments, users can hear and be heard
      • Assistance button located on the back of the device with GPS positioning
      • 2.8-inch main colour display
      • Large and well-separated high-contrast keys
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Product Questions


Do you have any means of making an iPhone louder?

No, but there are bluetooth neckloops available which may help.


The phone is stated as being compatible with 3G networks. Does that mean that it will not be useable in areas with 4G or 5G networks?

This phone will work just fine in areas that also have 4G and 5G coverage.


The phone is sated as being compatible with Micro or 3FF SIM cards. What is a 3FF SIM card?

3FF means 3rd Form Factor, SIm cards now come with breakaway portions, as each breakaway is removed it leaves a smaller SIM. here is a full description