​A range of totally wirefree doorbells, either battery or mains powered, can mean that you won’t miss that important parcel or caller at your door. You can use the portable chimes in whichever room you choose, as you can even move them from room to room

There is no need to worry if your neighbour has an identical system as simple coding systems ensure that it is only your system that rings.

Please remember that building structures e.g. metal, uPVC doorframes and thick walls may affect transmission.

*Where a range for a product is quoted this is the maximum without obstructions.

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​This range of door chimes from Honeywell are designed to be simple, contemporary, reliable and hassle-free. Including Honeywell ActivLink the kits come pre-linked and ready to go straight out of the box.

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Byron doorchimes are an affordable, reliable system

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Geemarc Doorbell/Telephone ring detectors.

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​The GreenBrook wirefree doorchime range will always alert you when somebody is at the door.

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