VAT Relief

As an individual purchasing for your personal or domestic use, you are entitled to VAT relief if you are handicapped by a hearing disability. To benefit simply click the tick box at checkout if you are eligible.

A parent, relative or guardian may act on behalf of someone with a hearing disability, make a purchase on their behalf and claim VAT relief.

Throughout this website, you will find products that are priced inclusive (inc VAT) and exclusive (ex VAT) of VAT.  Not all products are eligible for VAT relief and VAT is payable on delivery charges.

On each product page if prices including and excluding VAT are shown then that product is eligible for VAT relief, a VAT relief Yes button is shown. Where only an inclusive price is detailed, no VAT relief is available, a VAT relief No button is shown.

If you need a personal VAT relief certificate please click here.  Registered charities should contact us directly if they require VAT relief and should not use this process.

If you are unable to make this declaration, you must include VAT in the total price of your order.