Wireless TV / Audio Systems

​If you have difficulty catching everything that is said on TV or Radio you may benefit from using one of our TV & Audio systems which amplify the sounds you want to hear and bring them directly to your ears.

If friends or family complain that your TV or Radio is too loud one of our Wireless TV/Audio Systems may prove invaluable in improving your entertainment enjoyment.

Wireless systems allow you the freedom to move around without the need to have wires between you and the item you want to listen to. However they all need to be connected to your TV, Radio or music etc. to pick up the sound using the leads provided.

Your hearing aid may have the “T” (loop) facility with this you can enhance your listening by making more of your hearing aid and choose one of the products with the T symbol.

Sounds will be transmitted directly to your hearing aid’s loop facility increasing intelligibility and significantly reducing background noise.

The wireless listeners allow quick connection to your TV, Radio or Music device. They all require you to wear a receiver whether or not you use a hearing aid.

Note: Infrared systems are not compatible with Plasma screen TVs. We recommend digital systems for use with Plasma TVs.