If telephone callers’ voices seem very quiet or muffled you will find a solution amongst the selection of telephones here that have either been specially designed for people with a hearing loss or that have features that make them suitable. At home, in the office or when out and about we have a selection of desktop (corded), portable (cordless) and mobile phones.

All the telephones here have variable amplification and most have a tone control. With the help of variable amplification using the telephone can be become less frustrating. 

Portable Cordless Telephones

​Portable, Cordless or DECT phones allow you the freedom to have a phone anywhere in your home or garden.

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Desktop Corded Telephones

​All the telephones here have variable amplification and most have a tone control.

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Telephone Handset Amplifiers

​Our range of amplifiers to fit corded telephones

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Mobile Phones

​These Mobile phones are specifically designed for people with hearing impairments and have good amplification and good performance when used with a hearing aid.

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General Telecoms accessories such as telephone line cords and BT double adapters

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Text Telephones

​Text or ‘Minicom’ Telephones from Sarabec offer an easy to use alternative to traditional phones, which you may find too quiet when ringing, or listening to callers.

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Mobile / Cordless / Corded Phone Accessories

Accessories for the many phones that we supply.

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