Signolux Guardion CO Detector

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  • Top Features

    • self-testing function
    • battery life of up to 10 years (fixed battery, not changeable)
    • warning given at low battery level / function / alert indication
    • loud alarm tone
  • Description

    • The Signolux Guardion CO & temperature detector – combined carbon monoxide and temperature detector, also for use in areas unsuitable for regular smoke detectors will connect to any signolux receiver in the signolux range.

      Particularly for areas in which there are fuel-operated devices and incomplete combustion processes cannot be ruled out, there is a risk that harmful smoke gases - especially carbon monoxide, which is often lethal - can spread. These include rooms with fireplaces or garages. Here, the use of regular smoke detectors with optoelectronic sensor technology (smoke particle detection) can increasingly lead to false alarms.

      The new combined smoke and fire detector guardion CO/temp from Humantechnik has been developed for these environments. It detects and reports elevated carbon monoxide levels in the room air at an early stage and also reacts when the room temperature exceeds a limit of 60 °C.

  • Technical Information

    • 868,35 Mhz

  • Colour


  • Size


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