Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic 1.1

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  • Description

    • Roger Clip-On Mic is a small wireless transmitting microphone for a main speaker and with its audio input can transmit sound to you from your TV or MultiMedia devices.

      This microphone is either worn around the neck, with the lanyard provided or clipped onto the clothing, much like a television newsreader, of the person you would like to listen to.

      There is an LED that provides a visual indication that the microphone is on, battery level and connection status. The unit is powered by a lithium-ion battery and is fully charged, from empty, in approximately 2 hours. You know the charging is complete when the indicator light turns solid green.

      The Roger technology enables up to ten microphones to be used together. This includes Roger Pens, Roger EasyPens and Roger Clip-on-Mics.

      The Clip-On Mic has to be used with one of the Roger Receivers. If you wear Phonak hearing aids the choice of receiver or receivers will depend on the model of your hearing aid. If you wear other manufacturers hearing aids you can still use the Roger Pen but the choice of receiver will be limited to the Roger X and MyLink. People who have a Cochlear Implants also have options as Phonak designed the Roger 17 for use with Advanced Bionics Naida Q70 and Q90, Roger 20 for the Cochlear Nucleus 7 and Roger 21 for use with the ME-DEL Sonnet Processor.

      • The microphone can be manually muted with a single short press of the On/Off button.
      • This device has an audio input to connect to your TV or MultiMedia devices to transmit the sound to you.
      • It can be used in a variety of settings including school, college and university. In the workplace for one to one meetings and conversation, Socially for listening to the TV, music, one to one conversation and travelling with another person in a car.
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    54 x 25 x 18mm

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