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These products make you aware of everyday occurrences at home or work e.g. the ringing of the telephone or doorbell, alarm clocks, the sounding of the smoke or fire alarm or a baby crying. You’ll either “feel” these occurrences via a vibrating pad or “see” that these are happening via a flashing light. You will find a rich variety of choice in this section.

Full home alerting systems allow you to tailor a system to your needs so that one receiver device will warn you that there is someone at the door, the telephone is ringing, the baby crying or that the smoke alarm has been triggered. The ability to add more receivers to these systems increases their flexibility.

We have two home alerting systems:


This system offers fantastic value for money. You can start with a simple door alert and expand it to encompass any sound alert around the house including up to 8 smoke alarms if you need to. Our multi alert system will help you to react to those important sounds around the home


Our popular and long established flagship personal paging system needs no introduction to the many professionals that have installed our system over the years in a wide variety of situations from small houses to large care homes.

lisa is a personal paging system that can alert you when the telephone rings or you have a visitor, and many more events you could miss, whether you are in the house or garden. It will alert you to each and all of the events happening at one time – it does happen that just as the baby cries, the phone rings and a friend calls at the front door. You will know that all these things are happening and can attend to them in turn.

A rich choice of receiver options and a wide range of transmitters that will alert you to any sound around the home, each specifically and carefully designed for the purpose.

There is no need to worry if your neighbour has an identical system as simple coding systems ensure that it is only your system that rings.

Please remember that building structures e.g. metal, uPVC doorframes and thick walls may affect transmission. *Where a range for a product is quoted this is the maximum without obstructions.

Many people miss out on telephone calls because they don’t hear the phone ringing. You may be in your lounge with the doors shut watching TV and the phone is ringing in the hallway. Perhaps you are at work in a noisy workshop or at home listening to a CD through your hearing aid or headphones. There are a lot of situations where one of the telephone alerting products would be ideal.

You can build a tailored fully integrated domestic alerting system incorporating everything you need to know about.

With a clever device that allows you to extend the range of the system lisa can be used in even the largest homes and even large retail outlets.

The connectivity of the lisa system is limitless. If you can’t find a solution here please let us know.

The ultimate in flexibility lisa is the system of choice for a large number of local authority social service sensory support teams.

Smoke Alarm systems are invaluable to hard of hearing people particularly if they remove their hearing aids at night. You could benefit from the independence and security of such a system with a vibrating pad and flashing strobe

A range of totally wirefree doorbells, either battery or mains powered, can mean that you won’t miss that important parcel or caller at your door. You can use the portable chimes in whichever room you choose, you can move them from room to room if you wish and the battery powered chimes can be taken into the garden or shed.

Getting up in the morning can be a chore for anyone, but if you have difficulty hearing the alarm on your clock your sleep will be less than peaceful if you are worried about sleeping in. A little assistance from either a vibrating pad and/or a flashing light could make that morning feeling less stressful.

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