Neck Loop NL6 - 75cm Stereo Lead

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  • Neck Loop NL6 - 75cm Stereo Lead
Neck Loop NL6 - 75cm Stereo Lead
  • Description

    • The Neck Loop is designed for use with our Sonumaxx, Crescendo 60, 50 and 20 plus systems

      The Neck Loop is for use with hearing aids that have the "T" (Loop pickup) facility.

      The Neck Loop can be used with most TVs, Radios or other equipment that have a 3.5mm stereo headphone socket which is intended for low impedance headphones.

      It is not suitable for use with the Crescendo 10 or Crescendo 20 (grey/blue) range.

  • Features

    • This neck loop incorporates a break-away safety feature, please ensure that it is secure.

  • Technical Information

      • Impedance: 16Ω / Channel @ 1KHz.
      • Maximum Power Input: 0.5 watts per channel.
      • Both left and right channels are connected for transmission to Neck Loop.
      • Both channels are isolated from each other.
      • 3.5mm Stereo straight jack plug
  • Colour


  • Size

    Neckloop diameter 23cm/9"

    Cable length 72cm/28"

  • Weight


Product Questions


Please can you tell me if I could plug this neck loop into the earphone socket on my smartphone and listen to my callers using it? The reason I am asking is that some 3.5mm plugs will not work in smartphones.

Hello, It depends on the phone, the neckloop has a standard stereo 3.5mm plug so will physically fit. The big problem you will come across is that while you will be able to listen, you may not be able to communicate back to your caller as this neckloop d


Neckloop NL6 - 75cm Please confirm that this is a stereo device. I would use it for TV but also for listening to music. I understand that some neckloops are in fact mono, despite connecting to the stereo output of TVs , CD players etc. Thank you.

Hi, ALL neckloops output mono or merged signals, although they accept a stereo input they merge the signal and each hearing aid will receive the same signal.


Can this neckloop be used with Sonumax 2.4

Yes, this is the neckloop to use with sonumaxx 2.4 PR receivers