Digital Wireless TV Listening

A modern ergonomically designed simple to use TV listening system for both hearing aid and non-hearing aid users alike. With its clean and clear sound the Introson 2.4 system will help you listen more clearly to your TV, radio etc. without any trailing leads across the floor.

A useful feature of this system allows you to switch between listening to the TV sound from the transmitter to an internal microphone in the receiver which allows you to amplify conversation of people near you.

It allows you to enjoy your TV etc. at your own volume without disturbing others. You can also move around whilst listening to TV, Radio or Hi-Fi as the signal is not interrupted by walls and will allow you to listen in adjacent rooms of your house.

The system has a maximum range of 25 metres.

The Introson 2.4 Digital Wireless Listener consists of two parts, a mains powered transmitter and a receiver powered by a rechargeable battery. The transmitter picks up the sound from your TV using either the supplied microphone or the lead kit which is included to allow connections to the many and varied types of equipment available today. This sound is then sent to the receiver via 2.4GHz digital wireless technology using a secure transmission system. Each system receiver must be paired to the transmitter it wants to listen to. The Introson systems are already paired for your convenience. Additional receivers can be added to a transmitter and are easily paired. A fully charged battery will last up to five hours. An intelligent charging system enables the batteries to be recharged fully in less than 3 hours but will just top up if necessary.

  • A Stereo Transmitter with tone control setting, built-in intelligent battery charger and extra battery charging point
  • Mains power supply
  • Headset or Neck Loop receiver, with volume and balance controls and a replaceable rechargeable battery
  • A lead kit to directly connect the transmitter to your TV or audio equipment with phono or 3.5mm headphone socket
  • A Microphone, can be used instead of the lead kit
  • Spare rechargeable battery
  • An easy to install system that connects to a wide variety to today‚Äôs TV systems.

Headset system

The headset receiver has a slide on/off switch. It has rotary volume and balance controls and a max. volume of 120dB(A)

Neckloop System

The Neckloop receiver has a slide on/off switch and rotary volume control. The Neckloop system can also be used with any other personal audio listening accessories on page 13 to personalise your hearing. You may wish to use an Ear Hook instead of the Neck Loop by simply plugging the Ear Hook into the socket on the receiver you will then listen via the Ear Hook.

Neckloop System & Headset

Neckloop system including a stethoscope headset 307-105, see p13. This system allows the choice of listening via the neckloop with hearing aid loop facility or if you do not want to wear your hearing aids by using the stethoscope headset to hear directly.

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