Alerting Devices

With these systems you are always aware of everyday events in the home or at work e.g. the ringing of the telephone or doorbell, the sounding of the smoke or fire alarm or your baby crying. You will either “see” these sounds by a flashing light or you will feel them via a vibrating pager.

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LISA Radio Pager Systems LISA Radio Pager Systems
Uses one or more transmitters to detect events and sends the signals via radio waves.
From £69.59
LISA Transmitters LISA Transmitters
The complete range of transmitters available for the Lisa paging system.
From £66.72
LISA Receivers LISA Receivers
Our Full range of receivers for use with the LISA paging system.
From £17.10
Smoke Alarms Smoke Alarms

Easy to install smoke alarms. Any smoke alarm system must be regularly tested to ensure its operation.

From £29.90
Baby Monitors Baby Monitors
A range of baby monitors for concerned parents.
From £19.99
Spares & Accessories Spares & Accessories
A range of spares and accessories for use with our many Alerting Systems.
From £2.99
Signolux Alarmo Detector
Signolux Alarmo Detector
£85.99 ex VAT